Caravan Palace – Supersonics (Official Video)

Caravan Palace is So happy to share with you their latest music video: Supersonics (Out Come The Freaks Edit).

About a year and a half ago they had a coffee with their old friend Bechir Jiwee, he had already directed the “Suzy” music video some years ago and they started talking about doing another project together. He came up with this crazy idea of animated street art characters. Needless to say 2020 didn’t make things easy (they’ll spare you the details of their misfortunes) but Caravan Palace managed to make it happen, with the great help of Le bureau des curiosités, Rouchon Paris, Lone Diggers & Grand Blanc.

They hope you’ll enjoy watching it, cause they had so much fun to make!

Official Video “Caravan Palace – Supersonics (Out Come The Freaks Edit)” HERE!

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And enjoy the brand new Electro Swing dance performance to Supersonics in the video below, from the female dancer Smilin!

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