iSwing Top 40 – October 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back fellas and flappers, I’m your host JC JSum. Uki Muzusaki’s, “Black Dream Day,” topped the iSwing chart last week. Can she stay on top for a second? Six swinging boppers debut this week, including two former #1’s. First at 40, is newcomer NinetyDays with, “Hotel.”

Julie London arrives at 32 with, “Cry Me A River (Mista Trick Remix).” Juda-Bug return with former #1, “Here We Go Again.” The song gets a bit of a revival from Juda-Bug’s EP The Bug Is Out being recently released. “Here We Go Again,” hit #1 in March for two weeks. This week it comes back at number 31. Their new track, “Dance Juda-Bug,” jumps to number 13.

Atom Smith, Burkey and Miss Emmma come in with, “Ridin’ Dirty,” at 29. Emma Clair returns with the other former #1. Topping the Halloween week chart a year ago, “Thriller Hands,” returns in a big way. Stopping in at number 24, Emma Clair’s thrilling wash your hands mashup gets a revival from the Covid Halloween Season. This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout goes to…

Jamie Berry. Jamie Berry delivers the goods yet again. Following album Light Up The Night and EP The Stampede, both within the last year, Jamie drops EP Prohibition. Another slick collection of Electro Swing bangers ready to destroy your speakers. “Murder In The Moonlight,” from the new Prohibition EP, sets the tone for the upcoming spooky season and is the Top Swinging Entry this week. It comes in at number 12.

Up in the Top 10, Rum Shakers, Benjamino Gigli and P Moody score their first Top 10 with, “Mamma.” It steps up from 17. SpekrFreks slip 3 to 9 with, “Roaring 2020’s.”
Emma Clair and Alanna Lyes step down 6 to 8 with, “Walking On A Cloud (Club Mix).” Balduin climb 12 to 7 with, “Love Drug.” Their ninth Top 10.

11 Acorn Lane jump 11 to 6 with, “Let’s Face It I’m Cute (Roaring Twenties Mix).” It’s their 18th Top 10 visit. And second with, “Let’s Face It.” The original version hit Number 1 back in March of 2016. Odd Chap climbs to number 5 with, “The Little Man Who Wasn’t There.” Odd Chap also claims the first iSwing Holiday Number 1 of the season with the banger. Emma Clair, Madam Misfit and Professor Elemental’s, “Swinging Safari,” jump nine positions to stop at number 4. It’s Emma’s tenth, Madam’s fourth and Professor Elemental’s third Top 10.

Wolfgang Lohr makes an 8 to 3 jump with,”Re-Aint She Sweet.” Duke Skellington hits number 2 for a second week with, “Hit That.” And Uki Mizusaki’s Swing House banger, “Black Dream Day,” stays at Number 1. It’s the second week at #1.

Check out the full iSwing Top 40 below. I’m JC JSum

01 Uki Mizusaki – Black Dream Day
02 Duke Skellington – Hit That
03 Wolfgang Lohr – Re-Ain’t She Sweet
04 Emma Clair/Madam Misfit/Professor Elemental – Swinging Safari
05 Odd Chap – The Little Man Who Wasn’t There
06 11 Acorn Lane – Let’s Face It I’m Cute (Roaring Twenties Mix)
07 Balduin – Love Drug
08 Emma Clair/Alanna Lyes – Walking On A Cloud (Club Mix)
09 SpekrFreks – Roaring 2020’s
10 Rum Shakers/Benjamino Gigli/P Moody – Mamma
11 Matt Forbes – Not For Me
12 Jamie Berry – Murder In The Moonlight 🆕
13 Juda-Bug – Dance Juda-Bug
14 Pokey LaFarge – Bluebird
15 Lempo – Swinglasses
16 Caravan Palace – Pluma
17 SugarBeats/Liinks – Different
18 Tia Brazda – Cabin Fever
19 Bugle Bot – Grocery Run
20 Bunny – I’ve Got Spurs
21 Parov Stelar – Pink Dragon
22 Vancara – Sugarbuds
23 Deladap/Melinda Stoika – Multiplayer
24 Emma Clair – Thriller Hands 🆕
25 Crazy Red Balls – Moon Fly
26 Richard Cheese – WAP (Lounge Version)
27 Odd Chap/Bunny – Whistle
28 LVDS/Alanna Lyes/Fatherlyshrimp – One Taste
29 Atom Smith/Burkey/Miss Emmma – Ridin’ Dirty 🆕
30 High Step Society – Side Step
31 Juda-Bug – Here We Go Again 🆕
32 Julie London – Cry Me A River (Mista Trick Remix) 🆕
33 Glenn Gatsby – Big Blue
34 Amaria – Swing Rabbit Swing
35 Wolfgang Lohr/Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties
36 Swing Ninjas – Joy She Brings
37 Max The Sax/Peter Cruseder – Daydreams
38 Caravan Palace/Method Man – April (C@ In The H@ Mashup)
39 Swingrowers – Hybrid
40 NinetyDays – Hotel 🆕

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