iSwing Top 50 – April 2021 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the chart, I’m your host JC JSum. Caro Emerald scored her fifth number 1 last week with the super smokin’ PiSk remix of, “Wake Up Romeo.” Will it sit on the throne for a second week? Keep reading. “The Caravan,” is the first of three new songs in the Top 10 this week. It steps up from 15 and is Zouzoulectric’s third Top 10 visit.

Swingrowers double up this week. “Rose,” falls to 9 and, “Follow The Stars,” jumps from 16 to 8. Wolfgang Lohr, Emma Lea and Ashley Slater fall down to 7 with their hit collaboration, “Keep On Smilin.”
Big Swinging Shoutout this week goes to…

Electric Swing Circus. The very popular band just dropped Electric Swing Circus Remixed Volume 2 this week and it’s a banger. Featuring some of the top producers in the game right now, like Featurecast, Duke Skellington, Deladap, Wolfgang Lohr, and the return of Tuxedo Junction, Remixed Volume 2 is an instant Electro Swing classic. Get it on Ragtime Records.

Two tracks from the EP debut this week. “Connected (Featurecast Remix),” comes in at 47 and “Minotaur (Tom ESC Remix),” is the Top Swinging Entry at number 12. Back in the Top 10, Tallulah Goodtimes is the third of the newcomers and with her third Top 10. She zips up from 12 to 6 with, “Zip Zip.”

11 Acorn Lane step up to number 5 with their hit putting swingin’ cats in a tizzy, “Crazy Cat.” Minimatic climbs to 4 with, “Bongo Craze.” It features a banging Beastie Boys, “Hey Ladies” sample. Lamuzgueule make the largest leap within the Top 10 this week. “Cookie,” jumps 10 to 3.

Caro Emerald’s, “Wake Up Romeo (Pisk Remix),” slips to number 2. And Jamie Berry and Little Violet score this week’s new Number 1 with, “Guilty Pleasure.”

It’s their second Top 10 together. A year ago, they paired up on Little Violet’s, “Limits,” which Jamie Berry remixed and it reached number 4. With the rise of, “Guilty Pleasure,” it becomes Jamie’s fifth and Little Violet’s third Number 1.

Thanks for reading. Visit next week to see if, “Guilty Pleasure,” stays as everyone’s guilty pleasure for a second week? Until then, keep swinging for the stars.

Jay Banks (iSwing)

01 Jamie Berry/Little Violet – Guilty Pleasure
02 Caro Emerald – Wake Up Romeo (Pisk Remix)
03 Lamuzgueule – Cookie
04 Minimatic – Bongo Craze
05 11 Acorn Lane – Crazy Cat
06 Tallulah Goodtimes – Zip Zip
07 Wolfgang Lohr/Emma Lea/Ashley Slater – Keep On Smilin
08 Swingrowers – Follow The Stars
09 Swingrowers – Rose
10 Zouzoulectric – The Caravan
11 AronChupa/Little Sis Nora – Trombone
12 Electric Swing Circus – Minotaur (Tom ESC Remix) 🆕
13 Klischee – Bad Things
14 Dyes Iwasaki/Lily Mizusaki – Future (Jamie Berry Remix)
15 Flash Mob Jazz – Get Lucky
16 Betty Booom feat. Ashley Slater – Wellerman
17 Minimatic – The Jungle Jive
18 Deladap – Get Down And Boogie
19 Jamie Berry/Robert Edwards/Andrew Griffiths/Octavia Rose – Make Me Lose My Mind
20 Fake Type – Fake Land
21 Swingrowers – Hybrid
22 SpekrFreks – Blue Rhapsody
23 Tape Five – I Shot The Sheriff 🆕
24 Lyre Le Temps – Summer Leaves
25 Speakeasy Streets/Etai Benson – Don’t Wither 🆕
26 Caravan Palace – Melancolia
27 Parov Stelar – Come Back Home
28 BL Bex – Baby Toes
29 Jive Me/ProleteR – Starry Night
30 Riff Kitten – Can’t Force Your Love
31 Vourteque – Whiskey Drinker 🆕
32 Tallulah Goodtimes – Universal Love
33 Mr Jazzek – Break It Up
34 Dyes Iwasaki/Lily Mizusaki – Tokyo Neo Swing (Deladap Remix) 🆕
35 Glenn Gatsby/Sonia Elisheva – Every Now And Then
36 Amaria – Swing Rabbit Swing
37 Klischee – Get This (Bang Bang)
38 Jon Batiste – I Need You
39 Speakeasy Streets – Speakeasy Song
40 Masha Ray – Keep Smiling 🆕
41 41 Annella – Selfish
42 Dyes Iwasaki/Lily Mizusaki/Demondice – Epilogue (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
43 Marc Spieler – You
44 Proleter – April Showers 🆕
45 Jojo Effect/Mills Brothers – Manana (Jojo Effect & Gardener Of Delight Remix) 🆕
46 Szigeti Juli – Light
47 Electric Swing Circus – Connected (Featurecast Remix) 🆕
48 Swingrowers – Wannabe
49 DJ Mibor/Alanna Lyes – Hideaway
50 Dyes Iwasaki/Lily Mizusaki/Demondice – Reflection

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