Top40 January 2020

iSwing Top 40 – January 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back Electro Swing fans. I’m JC JSum. In this second week of The 20’s, six songs join us. Kenichi Chiba starts us off at number 40, with “I Can Do Nothing Without You“. “Melancolia“, by Caravan Palace slips in at 38. And “Hello My Baby“, by Robin Koninsky comes in at 36.

The latest banger from The Swinghoppers, “Party Like It’s 1920,” with a helping hand from Wolfgang Lohr, arrives at number 34. “Party Like It’s 1920” has the makings of being a giant hit this year. The song’s message is a charming invitation into a culture that requires one to dress to the nines, dance hard and live it up old-school. The Swinghoppers also move up to 22 with, “S Gon Give It To Ya”.

Glenn Gatsby’s, “Whats The Reason (Club Mix)” comes in at 32. And Glenn also hits a doublehitter as his ,”I Wonder Where,” moves to number 20. Top swinging entry belongs to Alex Pangman with , “If I Don’t Mean It” at number 27. Big swinging shout out goes to Postmodern Jukebox. If you’re in the know, you well know that Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) is a powerhouse when it comes to recycling and reinventing old and modern music and making it sound like old and modern music. The latest from PMJ, Throwback Clapback, features fun vintage takes on Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Billy Idol, Lizzo, Blu Cantrell, U2 and Elton John songs.

01. Tape Five – Party Like It’s 1929
02. Lyre Le Temps – Boogie Wonderland
03. Jojo Effect/Dennis LeGree – Swing It Up (Zouzoulectric Remix)
04. Tuxedo Junction – Mr Business
05. Brass Department – Welcome To The Brass Department (Klischée Remix)
06. Wolfgang Lohr/Varrick Frost/Alanna Lyes – Sweet Dreams
07. Matt Forbes – Mad About You
08. Honky Crew/Lil Hardin Armstrong – Harlem Nights
09. Tape Five/Mica Dulce – Once Upon A Summernight
10. Fabian Scheuerlein/Balduin – Nah Neh Nah
11. Little Violet – Silent Movie
12. Emma Clair – Need To Swing
13. Father Funk – Christmas In Mos Eisley
14. Emma Clair – Time To Fly
15. Parov Stelar – Voodoo Sonic
16. ADLN – Remove It (Hey Alan! Electro Swing Remix)
17. Riff Kitten – Swag Rag
18. Postmodern Jukebox/Mario Jose – Juice
19. Phos Toni – Baby Swing
20. Glenn Gatsby – I Wonder Where
21. Lawrence Welk – The Moon Is A Silver Dollar
22. The Swinghoppers – S Gon Give It To Ya
23. Varrick Frost – Clockwork
24. Minimatic – The Whistler
25. Jive Aces – Bad News
26. PiSk – Hummin’ To Myself
27. Alex Pangman – If I Don’t Mean It 🆕
28. LadBaby – I Love Sausage Rolls (Swing Version)
29. SoDown – Baby Don’t Let Me Down
30. Harvey Miller/James Jive – You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet (Club Mix)
31. Tape Five – Happy
32. Glenn Gatsby – Whats The Reason (Club Mix) 🆕
33. Lyre Le Temps – Just A Gigalo
34. The Swinghoppers/Wolfgang Lohr – Party Like It’s 1920 🆕
35. Tape Five – Party Like It’s 1929 (Extended Version)
36. Robin Koninsky – Hello My Baby 🆕
37. PiSk/Cab Calloway – Jumpin’ Jive
38. Caravan Palace – Melancolia 🆕
39. Hey Alan! – The League Of
40. Kenichi Chiba – I Can Do Nothing Without You 🆕

The Lizzo remake of “Juice” by Postmodern Jukebox and Mario Jose moves up to number 18 this week.
After two months in the Top 10, Emma Clair drops out with former Number 1, “Time To Fly“. It stops at 14. Her need to have another Top 10 will have to wait another week though, her latest, “Need To Swing” stops at number 12.

As for Top 10 action, Fabian Scheuerlein and Balduin fall to 10 with “Nah Neh Nah”. It peaked at number 3 last month.
The only new entry in the Top 10 this week is from Tape Five and Mica Dulce. “Once Upon A Summernight“, moves from 15 to 9. It’s the third Top 10 from the album The Roaring 2020’s. “I Shot The Sheriff,” peaked at number 8 in November and “Party Like It’s 1929,” reached number 1 a couple of weeks ago.

Former number 1, “Harlem Nights“, by Honky Crew and Lil Hardin Armstrong slips to number 8 from 3. And Matt Forbes slips a notch to number 7 with, “Mad About You“. It’s still gaining in points so it may well rebound upwards next week.
Super Electro Swing trio, Wolfgang Lohr, Varrick Frost and Alanna Lyes still continue to climb with “Sweet Dreams“. The Eurythmics remake has been in the iSwing Top 40 for nearly three months now. It stops at number 6 this week.
The Brass Department, Marena Whitcher and Rootwords climb to 5 with, “Welcome To The Brass Department (Klischee Remix)” and Tuxedo Junction creeps to number 4 with, “Mr Business“. Jojo Effect and Dennis LeGree stay in the top three with the soulful, “Swing It Up (Zouzoulectric Remix)“.

Moving into runner-up position is Lyre Le Temps with, “Boogie Wonderland“. It moves two spots up.
And holding on to the number 1 position for a third straight week is Tape Five with the massive hit, “Party Like It’s 1929“.
That’s it for Top 40 shinanugans this week. Visit again soon to read my breakdown of 2019’s best artists, songs and albums. And of course you’ll want to see if Tape Five holds on to Number 1 for a 4th week.
Until then, keep your head in the clouds and keep swinging for the stars.


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