LadyDot Review: 4 New Electro Swing Thing Releases

Did you know that sometimes something you’re looking for is already right there, we just don’t notice it at first glance? That’s exactly what I had with this idea for an article: for a long time I wondered what song I would review this time. There have been so many really good singles released lately – I thought it wasn’t worth leaving out a single one. That’s why I decided that this time I wouldn’t write a review of just one single, but as many as four, released over the last month by the Electro Swing Thing Records.

Lately, I feel like I’ve been getting more and more new ideas for music articles in my head. And something feels like I’ll be able to present you with another of my new article series quite soon. 😊 I swear you haven’t read something like this before, so I encourage you to follow the Electro Swing Thing blog closely. In the meantime, let’s get to the singles reviews already! We’ll start with the ones that were released earliest.

Masha Ray – ‘Sway’ – Released On 19 May 2023

When I listen to the song “Sway” by Masha Ray, I am immediately reminded of the karaoke nights I used to enjoy participating in. I very often sang this song, of course in the original 1961 version. However, I have to say that Masha Ray sang it so much better! I love her expressive, emotive vocals that suit this song so perfectly. Masha Ray makes this song light-hearted, so enjoyable that I listen to it with relish, even several times in a row!

The Neo Swing arrangement is done to a very high standard, with respect to the original, which I really appreciate. There’s a little Balkan vibe added to this catchy tune, some subtle piano tones and very much the sound of brass instruments (which is of course what I like best). Nothing but swaying to the rhythm of this excellent cover!

Interesting fact: did you know that the producer of this song is Roman Andor Krotil, about whom I have already written an article summarising his musical work (you can read it HERE)? As if that wasn’t enough, he also recently released a new single as The Soulmate Project, which I will also write about later in this article.

Glenn Gatsby & LVDS – ‘Marvelous’ – Released On 26 May 2023

This duo delight, surprise and inspire me. I love Glenn Gatsby‘s individual work. His ‘Posin’ is very often in my speakers. And not just in mine – on Spotify, this track already has over 4 million streams! Remember how I wrote a review of ‘Every Now And Then’, which he composed in collaboration with Sonia Elisheva? You can read it HERE. I am equally fond of the work of the brilliant LVDS. The album ‘Golden Days’ is, in my opinion, one of the most groundbreaking albums for the development of the Swing Hop genre.

However, what they are able to do, working as a duo, is so perfect, thoughtful, creative… That’s how ‘Marvelous’ can be described in a nutshell. Simply marvelous! I hear a little guitar, a little piano (that piano just stole my heart!), very cool percussion, and there’s a whole lot of brass section sound, which adds that unmistakable swing (actually Swing Hop) vibe to the composition. Just after the first minute of the piece, I hear a fantastic cello or violin, or even both!

Do you know what this makes me think of? With one of the first songs… Deep Purple – ‘April’, from 1969. It’s one of my beloved compositions – it’s very complex, but it’s where you hear that distinctive sound of string instruments. I don’t know if Glenn Gatsby and LVDS were inspired by this track, but if so, chapeau bas! :)

The Hebbe Sisters & Wolfgang Lohr – ‘Rug Cutter’ – Released On 2 June 2023

Oh, do you guys also feel like every new Wolfgang Lohr release is always a total surprise? I love it when artists experiment with different musical genres while showing us their versatility, openness and huge passion for music in general.

Hear that brilliant piano at the beginning, playing ragtime style in ‘Rug Cutter’ ? Oh, how I love it! When those wonderful vocals of The Hebbe Sisters come in a minute later, I feel like I’m at a fantastic 1930s recital. And just when I think the piece won’t surprise me in any way, suddenly… BANG! The electronic firecracker begins and Wolfgang springs into action with his excellent mixing skills. And there is so much going on that even my head can’t comprehend: unexpected tempo changes, dubstep elements, guitar, piano, trumpet, a strong drum sound that makes my heart beat faster. Something wonderful!

Do you know what the best part of it all is? Wolfgang Lohr doing his own thing in the best possible way, while respecting tradition – because, after all, ‘I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter’ is a song by the eminent, my beloved artist Duke Ellington from 1937. When you do your version of a classic swing song, do it your way, do it well – just like Wolfgang Lohr and The Hebbe Sisters! 😊

The Soulmate Project & Penny Maddox – ‘Keep My Boots On’ – Released On 9 June 2023

Once again, Roman Andor Krotil shows us that he is an incredibly talented artist. You might have already learned from his videos he posts on his social media profiles that he is a multi-instrumentalist. I’m very curious to know which instrumental parts in ‘Keep My Boots On’ he recorded himself, because I hear a lot of these instruments here. Note how fantastically, as the seconds go by, this track unfolds and rocks. The fast tempo, which simply makes our feet dance, and the Balkan rhythms (I think this is already typical of Roman, because he often uses these inspirations, which I like a lot) are a really great combination.

And, of course, I can’t fail to mention the wonderful Penny Maddox, who adds her vocal skills to this piece. It is not an art to sing something well and cleanly. It also takes commitment, emotion, a sense of that Electro Swing vibe and rocking the audience to be fully successful. Penny Maddox has managed to do this perfectly and I hope this is not the last collaboration between The Soulmate Project and this talented girl! 😊

I’m very curious to know which of these pieces has stolen your hearts. Always feel free to write to me and share your thoughts and impressions! And in the meantime… see you soon. 😊

Written & reviewed by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-06-19

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