TEASER: LVDS – Golden Days (Album)

The talented newcomer Laurens, better known as LVDS, from Roosendaal in the south of the Netherlands, has already made a name for himself in the Electro Swing scene. He is notorious for his fat Swing Hop beats and sometimes he feels home in the Swing House and Swing & Bass genres too. The Hip Hop and Jazz influences always have a casual chill out factor in his productions and through the exquisite choice of vintage samples Laurens always gives his audience 100% retro mood and a time warp back to the Roaring Twenties.

With its debut album ‘Golden Days’, which is coming up on December 18th, LVDS is going to set a big marker and showing its diversity as a producer and musician in 15 tracks. Laurens loves to combine modern elements with musical pearls from the past!

With the voice and lyrics of Electro Swing Queen Alanna Lyes, but also the accomplished Iolanda Boban from Romania and the talented ‘Sonia Elisheva’ from Portugal, Lauren’s album is refined and gets even more emotions and deepness.

The rappers ‘Fatherlyshrimp’ and ‘Brice Robell’ add rhythmic features and it creates more authentic Hip Hop feeling. For the Electro Swing cover version of the world hit ‘Ain’t Nobody’, LVDS teamed up with the Hungarian band Szigeti Juli, who recorded both the vocals and the instruments with a great dash of jazzy and swingin’ grooves!

Release Date: 2020-12-18 // Electro Swing Thing Records Album 002
Catalog No.: #ESTA002 // © and ℗ 2020 Electro Swing Thing



Ushering in the new but flavored with the old, Netherlands-based Electro Swing producer LVDS charters a ‘no-boundaries’ approach to his productions. He has subsequently built up a name for himself as one of the genre’s rising stars to watch in 2021 and beyond.

Based in the South of the Netherlands, his childhood was packed with a rich pool of musical influences, all of which have helped form his sound that acts as a time warp back to the Roaring Twenties. Combining exquisite vintage samples with crisp drums and modern musical twists, LVDS is placing the final touches on his debut album.

Dropping through “Electro Swing Thing Records” on ‘Golden Days’ (2020-12-18), is a 15 track retro frenzy album of “Swing Hop” beats that encapsulates both LVDS’ diversity and abundance of talent that he holds as a producer.

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