Complete Blue Cover Series 2

The Complete Blue Cover Series Volume 2

Do you have a favourite discovery from this landmark series? Since 2012 Freshly Squeezed Music has been releasing the very best in world-class, cutting-edge, producer-led, dancefloor-focussed Electro Swing and Electro Blues. Now after 30 singles and EPs launching numerous artists, the second epic Complete Blue Cover Series Volume 2 (2018 – 2019) is here…

Featuring 28 tracks, the 2nd series includes PiSk (of Swingrowers fame), The Swing BotAtomSmith, Burkey YO, Wolfgang Lohr, The Speakeasy Three, The Real Tuesday Weld, TUNE IN CREW, Emma ClairAlanna Lyes, JAWN and Andy McBain. It’s available everywhere, now!

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