Asterix. Obelix. Legomix is a music Gaul with German roots. He speaks several languages and loves various international music styles. That love is transported into his arrangements, that he has been creating on his PC since the year 2000. The results of his work shall make people happy and make them dance. It can be done the best by combining Electro beats with different forms of Jazz such as Acid, Dancefloor, Latin, Ethno and Nu Jazz, Legomix believes. His current focus is on Swing House, Electro and Ghetto Swing, that are the best guarantee for a good mood. If visuals from the Golden Era such as vintage cartoons or silent comedies are combined with tracks by Legomix, the world seems to be perfect for a while. And hoping to get the world a bit better, Legomix started in 2013 to spread his Retro Electro sounds via Zimbalam (Believe Digital Distribution). Just check his 4 Electro Swing Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) on the most important music portals!

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