Tarmac Rodéo – Jukebox (Klischée Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #227

Over the years, Swiss band Klischée has forged its unique Electro Swing style that is addictive and puts us in the perfect mood. 🎶 This time they share their characteristic energetic vibe with French band Tarmac Rodéo, and in a remix of their track “Jukebox,” they give us an amazing musical experience! 🌟🎵

Are you ready for a super-electronic version of this track, complete with a whole host of effects, distinctive trumpet sounds 🎺, and a piano 🎹 that will enchant you and encourage you to dance until dawn? 💃🌅

Experience the alchemy of the collaboration between Klischée and Tarmac Rodéo, who transform ‘Jukebox’ into a time capsule of musical innovation. 🚀 This remix isn’t just a song – it’s a vibrant fusion of past and future, where each note becomes a touchstone in a rhythmic journey that transcends eras. Let the ‘Jukebox’ remix guide you through a dancefloor adventure where the boundaries of time blur and the jukebox becomes a portal to an eternal party. 🎉✨🔊

01. Tarmac Rodéo – Jukebox (Klischée Remix)
02. Tarmac Rodéo – Jukebox (Klischée Remix Instrumental)

Release Date: 2023-12-15
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST227
Composer: Malcolm Berthou, Dominique Dreier, Kilian Spinnler
Lyrics: Julien Jolis
Producer: Dominique Dreier, Kilian Spinnler
© + ℗ 2023 Electro Swing Thing

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